BYOB: Bring your own bolo! IBL 2011

…but don’t worry if you don’t have your own bolo.  I’m sure Casey can provide you with one. In case there is any confusion about what a bolo is, here is a visual…

It’s that time again! The time of year that comes around every spring (for the last 4 years) when 30 friends and strangers drive into the middle of nowhere for a weekend few will remember and some would like to forget. INDIAN BEAR LODGE 2011!

This is my 3rd year attending this prestigous event…

Indian Bear Lodge 2010

Indian Bear Lodge 2009

Looks like a nice clean cut group of kids, doesn’t it?  They are- 362 days a year. But for one weekend a year, things get a little crazy.  Don’t believe me?  Check it out:

 (the black lines have been added to protect the identities of these brave, shameless and ridiculous individuals.)

Don’t shameless individuals one and three kinda look like that guy at the top?  Weird.  Anyway…this weekend is really just on opportunity for lots of hard working adults to let loose, have some fun, do a little karaoke and wear a Sacajawea pouch. 

Sadly, I have yet to be able to enjoy this event to the fullest.  Year one- miserable cold.  I partied but I went to sleep early.  Actually, the cold worked out to my advantage at 4am when my roomates were up listening to bad drunk karaoke and I was passed out on Nyquil.  Year two- I had a little too much fun on night one and spent most of Saturday in bed with a killer hangover.  I’m going to guess that was caused by the sangria, grey goose punch and my uncanny ability to sink the biz…

This is my year, Indian Bear Lodge. I will not be sick.  I will not get sick.  I will rock this party like Charlie Sheen is rocking his tour (who would have guessed, by the way?!). 

Ready or not, Indian Bear Lodge, here we come! Let’s do this thing!

*All photo credits go to Dr. Lisa Molinero Strump.  I’ll work on taking more photos this year but she tends to take the best ones!


2 thoughts on “BYOB: Bring your own bolo! IBL 2011

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