I’m terrible at keeping secrets.  I will willingly admit that.  Examples? I tell my sister what I got her for Christmas (she asks!). I tell Chris what is about to happen on a tv show if I have watched it and he hasn’t.  I was only able to keep the news of our engagement to myself for about 12 HOURS.  I’m the WORST at secrets.

But I kept one. From Chris. FOR A WHOLE MONTH! Actually, I kept multiple secrets.  Not bombshell crazy secrets.  I’m not pregnant or having an affair or anything like that.  But I planned a whole surprise birthday weekend and Chris was CLUELESS!!  Um, can we say WINNING!?!?!?!

I started off by verifying that J.T. could come in from DC and that the rest of the Aces were in. After that, it was on (yes, like Donkey Kong).  Planning, scheming, pretending to make fake plans.  I was a regular double agent. I had gone rogue.  …okay, maybe I’m blowing things out of proportion a little.  Here’s how it went down:

I asked Chris throughout the month of March what he wanted to do for his birthday.  I agreed with whatever he said.  Secretly I was emailing friends, scouting locations and making plans.  On the morning of Chris’s birthday, I tell him we are going to dinner. That is all I tell him. After work we get in the car and I start driving.  It was kind of a long drive.  Once we get out of the Cleveland area, Chris figures it out.  We are going to Bravo in Canton.  Why Canton?  Because that is where his friend Stef works.  Awesome food.  Awesome server. The best part?  Chris is happy AND thinks he’s gotten his surprise.

After dinner Chris calls his friends to hang out. No one is interested. He thought people were blowing off his birthday. I have to say, even knowing what was to come, I felt kind of bad for the guy.  Throughout the drive home, I’m texting JT, who was on his way in from DC but won’t arrive until VERY LATE.  (A moment of TMI- It’s good that I didn’t make plans to go out on Friday night, the fancy Bravo formage did a number on my stomach.)

Fastforward to Saturday morning.  JT comes over to surprise Chris…and it wouldn’t be JT if it didn’t involve an immediate icing…

Finally, I was able to admit that I had been planning this for months!  The details came flowing out. No more secrets. SWEET RELIEF.  His friends hadn’t bailed on his birthday.  They were just saving their energy for the craziness that was to come. We were going bowling at The Corner Alley and then out downtown.  AND CHRIS HAD NO IDEA.  SUCCESS!

The night was ridiculous and I was really excited to get out and have a good time with so many awesome people.   Enough babbling from me.  Check out the pictures.

Did you catch that last picture???  I promised you a Daniel Tosh reference in this post, didn’t I?!?!?  A bachelorette party at Cadillac Ranch had put Daniel Tosh’s face on their blow up doll!  He was looking a little rugged by the time I took this picture but you can still tell it is him.  I wish Lindsay Phillips could have been there to see it.  We have a little bit of a crush of the Tosh.0 host so I am sure she would have appreciated the awesomeness. Russ and J.T. had a little bit too much fun with that blow up doll. I don’t know what was creepier- the doll or the humans dancing with it.

Thanks to everyone who came out!  Now back to my regularly scheduled life as a horrible secret keeper.


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