Okay, who got the Tosh.0 reference?  5 points for you! Our friend Mr. Tosh, will be appearing again later this week in my post about Chris’s birthday celebration.  Keep an eye out for that.

…but let’s move on to the real “first” in this post- Nathan’s First Birthday!!! I was honored and privileged to attend this festive occasion.  You may remember Mr. Nathan from my Top 10 of 2010 post.  I got to visit him on the day he was born and, in true Sara fashion,  I could not resist getting an arms length photo with the little man:

It only seemed appropriate that I recreate this moment when I arrived for the party:

Isn’t it amazing the difference a year makes in such a little life?!?!

This was my first 1st birthday party!  Yes, I’m sure I had one myself and went to lots of them when I was little but I don’t remember those.  So, it’s my first!  Amy was nice enough to allow me to arrive early and I got to help give Nathan a bath and get some quality time in before the onslaught of family arrived.

I'm saving this one for his high school graduation!

When we brought him downstairs, Nathan discovered that balloons had “magically” appeared on the living room ceiling.  He was fascinated. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever.  He must have stared and pointed at those balloons for a good 10 minutes.

Seriously, mom, how did those get there?!

Amy and Andrew threw a great party.  There was delicious food and lots of cuteness (provided by Nathan and his cousins Elsa and Hunter) but I was waiting for one thing: the cake.  I had high expectations for the perfect first birthday messy cake eating experience and Nathan is a ball of pure little boy energy so I knew he would deliver.  I was not disappointed!

Nathan not only met my expectations but EXCEEDED them. Good work, little man!  Thanks again to his parents, Amy and Andrew, for their awesome work- both on the party and with raising this incredible little boy!!


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