Yesterday, it snowed…alot.

Dear Mother Nature,

I know I live in Cleveland, but COME ON! What the hell? Is this an early April Fools prank?  Did you miss the memo about it being SPRING?  Or is this retribution for the number of times I used the word ‘freezing’ in my last post?

I’ll give you this, Mother Nature, it was pretty.  It was the kind of snow that just sits on the branches and makes every part of nature a little more beautiful.

But, that said, enough is enough.  I would like to put my boots away…and get the opportunity to wear the spring clothes I bought last night…and start those spring projects that I’ve been dying to take on.

Thanks for understand!


P.S. If it’s not too hard, give us some good SPRING weather.  Don’t just jump from winter to summer.  Spring is nice. 🙂

63 days to Cali.


2 thoughts on “sNOw

  1. Kellyn says:

    I hear you…it snowed here yesterday too,although not as much. Its still too cold & I want Spring. I have a fabulous red jacket & would like to put away my winter coat, hat & gloves and for goodness sake wear peep toe shoes!!!!

  2. beth says:

    90 degrees in Cali today.


    We are so looking forward to your trip!

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