1 down! 24 to go…

Well, I officially kicked off my Scene Magazine Restaurant Challenge on Sunday with a trip to the C-Town Chow Down: A Convoy of Cleveland’s Finest Food Trucks.  Food trucks, you ask?  Yes! Dim and Den Sum is the one and only food truck listed on Scene Magazine’s “25 Restaurants Cleveland Can’t Live Without” list (and for good reason! ). I don’t plan to blog about each restaurant experience individually but this was my first one and it was QUITE the experience…

I’ll start by saying that the weather in Cleveland in March is unpredictable.  60 degrees and sunny one day then 30 degrees and a blizzard the next.  So, planning for any outdoor event in March is an adventure.  The C-Town Chow Down had been well publicized on Facebook as well as in the mainstream media and although it was REALLY COLD (hovering right around freezing) the day was mercifully sunny. 

Clevelanders, as you may know, are no stranger to the bitter cold and it didn’t keep people away.  On the contrary.  When we arrived at Lincoln Park around 1p.m., the lines for the 6 food trucks probably averaged 30 people each.  Luckily, the resourceful native Clevelander that I am, I had come prepared: dressed in layers with scarf, gloves and headband ready and waiting!

And there is was… Dim and Den Sum…just waiting for me…

It was definitely FREEZING… but I would not be detoured.  They had the longest line (actually 2 lines- one to order and one to pick up!)… but I would not be detoured.  Two hours into the event, they were out of half their menu… but I would not be detoured.  Are you seeing the theme here?  I was getting dim sum and checking them off my list- and that was that!

The order line went quickly.  I ordered the only things left on the menu- Chicken Confit & Perogies with Marinated Tofu.  Then I moved over to the pick up line…and started to realized that it hadn’t moved since I got there. 

At this point, Chris was out in the park walking our foster dog, Mighty Mouse .  We brought him in hopes that he might get some attention from potential adopters.  After about 10 minutes of going nowhere, Chris and I switched places.  He waited and I walked…

When I got back 20 minutes later (I saw some people I knew, talked to some people about Mighty Mouse, etc.), Chris still hadn’t moved. THIS WAS NOT GOOD. Food trucks just aren’t made to take this much busness in such a short time.  They thrive on people coming and going at their lunch hour or their way out of a bar at 2 a.m.  A convoy of them is a good idea in theory but in practice it was kind of a mess.

At this point I decided to get in line at the dessert truck while we waited.  I got all the way through the line- purchasing a salted caramel chocolate cupcake and Bailey’s white chocolate brownie- and again, Chris had not moved.  And with no hat, so he was getting pretty cold.  Add to that the fact that Mighty Mouse could not stay still with all the people sights and smells, and it was decided that I would take over in line and he would go back to the car for a while. So, I waited.

and waited.

and waited.

About an hour and a half into the total wait time, they realized they would have a few of their other menu items left.  MASS CHAOS.  Luckily,  I was close to the window and weaseled my way in for one of the 6 remaining PBLTs (Pulled Pork, Bacon, Lettace and Tomato).  YES, finally a break in my luck!  10 minutes later my food was ready and I practically RAN to the car.  If we hadn’t waited in the cold for 2 hours, I would have suggested we eat in the park but, at this point, all I wanted to do was go home.   And as soon as we got there, it was time to eat…

Luckily, the food was AMAZING (as was the dessert!).  Everything was perfectly cooked and seasoned with just the right amount of sauces.  Thank goodness I got that PBLT because I, personally, thought it was the best of the 3 dishes… and without we probably would have been left hungry. 

Chris liked it too…

So, to ‘dim sum’ things up, it may not be worth a 2 hour wait in the cold, but I understand why Dim and Den Sum made the list and would definitely get it again under better circumstances. …especially after a night at the bars.  Now, THAT sounds amazing.

1 down. 24 to go!


2 thoughts on “1 down! 24 to go…

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