St. Party’s Day

No… that is not a typo (this time).  Yesterday, I was updating my Facebook status from my iPhone on the way downtown and it auto-corrected St. Patty’s Day to St. Party’s Day.  Seems like quite the apropos accident as it was QUITE the party!

My first Cleveland celebration of St. Patrick’s Day had its ups and down.  It was an experience that I’m glad I can say I had but not something I am sure I would want to do again. 

We got downtown around 11 a.m. and got free parking at CSU using Chris’s student parking pass. SCORE!  We then walked the 14 blocks to E. 4th St. to meet up with my co-worker, Lindsay, at The Greenhouse Tavern.  The streets were filled with people in their St. Patty’s finest and on our way to the Greenhouse we ran into Chris’s trial team partner, Susie.  She didn’t have plans so she and her boyfriend, Troy,  joined us for a few drinks.  Fab.

Lindsay and me at The Greenhouse Tavern

Susie & Troy at The Greenhouse Tavern

Then it was time to go to the parade.  The weather was great and that was a blessing and a curse.  Good weather = bigger crowds.  Bigger, drunker crowds.  Screaming, pushing, swearing crowds.  I was not impressed by my fellow Clevelanders… anyway… We were near the end of the route and though we arrived close to the start time, waited 40 minutes to actually SEE anything.  That, combined with the fact that I wasn’t nearly drunk enough AND hadn’t eaten much led to a bad time. 

Flag flying above Public Square- St. Patrick's Day

We stayed at the parade until we saw Chris’s sister, Emily, and then went to meet his friend, Kimm, at the House of Blues. I’ll be honest- I wanted to go home at this point.  I was hungry, cranky and sick of standing.  Luckily, Kimm and her boyfriend, Eric, were a lot of fun.  My mood improved dramatically.  We hit a few more bars and my sister was generous enough to pick us up on her way home from work (Thanks Tracy!).

I’ ll leave you with a photo Chris asked me not to take. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled I’m posting it. 🙂  Erin Go Bragh!


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