Kiss me, I’m Irish!

Okay… so… I’m not Irish…  but Chris is!  Kiss him!  No, wait, don’t kiss my husband.  That’s my job!

I am celebrating my first St. Patrick’s Day in Cleveland tomorrow!  Yes, I know I grew up in Cleveland and most of my St. Patrick’s Days have been here but I have never actually CELEBRATED here before.  We celebrated in college and once in DC (see photos below) but I’ve never been part of the festivities here in Cleveland.

So, Chris and I are taking the day off work and experiencing St. Patty’s as it was meant to be – at the bar, before noon!  Just Kidding.  Well, sorta… but I can’t wait!  I have to say, I was always jealous of the kids who got taken out of school on St. Patrick’s Day to go downtown for the parade.  Well, really, I was jealous of the kids who’s parents took them out of school for anything! 

As I mentioned, I’m not Irish but Chris is and his sister, Emily, will be in the parade with her Irish Dance troop!  So, if you are downtown tomorrow, be safe and keep an eye out for me.  🙂

St. Patrick's Day 2006

GDI's- St. Patrick's Day 2006

St. Patrick's Day 2007 in DC


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