Awkward & Awesome Thursday

Yes, 2 themed days in a row BUT this one isn’t my idea.  Awkward and Awesome Thursday comes from Sydney at The Daybook (you may remember her from my post about Jump Back Ball).  It’s just a fun little way to get me to Friday.  So here we go…

– Rain Hair.  It has been raining for about 36 hours.  My curly hair can’t take it anymore! No point in trying to style it…
– The extremely large rental truck that has been parked on my neighbor’s front lawn for 3 days now. Seriously!?
– Iphone auto correct fails.  However, when they are not you they are pretty awesome. And hilarious.  I got totally addicted to this week.
– Having to call your boss at 9:15 p.m. to ask her if she will go over to the office and turn off your space heater so it doesn’t burn the place down. (She lives 5 min away. I live 20.  I would have gone if I had not gotten her on the phone.)
– The white trash situtation on the front of my house mentioned in the post below.

– Spring Break!  It’s not my spring break (though I wish it was).  Chris’s spring break starts tonight and I could not be happier.  He’ll be able to come home straight from work every day next week.  It will be amazing!
– Having our anniversary trip planned (77 days).
– After 3 weeks, Henry and Mighty Mouse (our foster dog) are finally playing together.  I assume, with my luck, this means he will likely be adopted any day now.
– Almond Joys.  Sometimes you feel like a nut.  Sometimes you don’t.  Today I do (and it is delicious!).
– Having my mom tell me that her friend called yesterday and mentioned how she read on my blog that Tracy is moving in with us.  HAHA. My mom’s friends read my blog and she doesn’t.  I find that fantastic. (Hi Jan!)
– This scene (minus the mess):

Have a happy Thursday!


4 thoughts on “Awkward & Awesome Thursday

  1. Lindsay says:

    I have a feeling that I’m going to have that same awkward hair issue. We’re getting your rain in DC right now! Also, since Chris will have some free time next week, can I request a guest post?!

  2. […] Chris!   (He is considered a relative now, right???)  Lindsay Phillips commented on my Awkward and Awesome Thursday post 2 weeks ago asking if Chris would be writing a guest post during his Spring Break.  He has! […]

  3. […] Daybook- I’ve mentioned this blog in previous posts (here and here).  Well, Sydney has announced that she is prego just in time to take over for Kristen as […]

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