“You Should Blog About That”

My friend and fellow blogger, Lindsay Phillips (of Lindsay In Wonderland), and I came to the realization last week that 1. we often find ourselves and others saying ‘you should blog about that’ in reference to anything interesting/comical/dramatic in our lives and 2. we could think of lots of people who should really have a blog of their own.  Lindsay blogged about a few of those people in a recent post and now it is my turn.  The gauntlet has been thrown so hold on to your hats and away we go…

1. My friend, Rachel Simmons. Rachel is actually how this conversation about things we should blog about and people who should be blogging got started.  Lindsay and Rachel work together in D.C. and I’ve gotten to know Rachel pretty well in the last few years.  Well, Lindsay mentioned over IM (yes, some people still use that) how cute Rachel’s outfit was that day.  I told her to send me pictures.  Lindsay was right.  It was adorable.

Rachel should be blogging because she has the 5 S’s.  You’ve never heard of the 5 S’s, you say?  Well, of course, you haven’t! I just made them up!  Here they are…

Social– Rachel is outgoing and likes to have a good time.   She can gossip with the girls and out drink the boys so she’s really got the best of both worlds.
Silly– Rachel is one of those people who is just fun to be around.  She’s funny in all the best ways and I think she could hold a conversation with just about anyone.
Sexy- Rachel is gorgeous and knows how to rock her curves.
Stylish– As you can see from the photo above, Rachel knows how to pull an outfit together.  She’s willing to take fashion risks and is up on the hottest styles.
Single– Lindsay and I are boring married ladies.  Rachel is single and the dating scene always makes for a good story.


Things I would never think to do with MY belt…

2. My Husband, Chris- Chris is FULL of opinions and could really use an outlet for them.  He’s funny, thoughtful and well-educated on most topics (and he’ll happily BS his way through the one’s he’s not well-versed on).  The adventures of the 6 Aces would probably provide him enough stories to keep the blog running for multiple years.  Although, he might have to write it under a pen name if he wants to pass the Character and Fitness section of the Bar Exam.  Oh, and did I mention he was an English Major?  Enough said.


Believe me, this man has a story to tell.

3. Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi- That’s right, I went current events on this one.  And not even celebrity current events! America is obsessed with Charlie Sheen right now but this guy is just as crazy as Sheen but with 40 years of human rights violations!  I find it fascinating to watch him deny that his country is crumbling around him.  He’s already said that he believes his people are rioting because of hallucinogens that Al Qaeda has put in their Nescafe!  Tell me more Muammar!!!  I fully support this nutcase stepping down from power.  I’m just recommending that when he’s got some extra time in exile, he blog for our entertainment. Maybe call it Muammar’s Mumblings?  Just a thought…

So, who do you think should be blogging????


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