Vacation Jubilation!

Remember that post from Wednesday about my vacation frustration? No more!  Actually, let’s just forget about that little rant I went on. K? Thanks!

I BOOKED OUR TRIP!!!  Geneva? No. New York? Nope. Mexico? No way, Jose (Do you like how I went international on that one?)!  We are going to…

ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA!!! Sadly, I don’t think my celebrity crush, Adam Brody, will be there.  He is dorky perfection. **swoon** Oh, um,  I digress… BUT these fabulous people WILL be there…

This is Beth and Tim Brady!  Beth writes a fabulous little blog called Home Sweet Home.  I met this delightful couple almost 3 years ago when Beth and I were both in Amy’s wedding (you may know Amy from her blog-  Like a String on a Sweater).  Beth spent a summer on the Jersey Shore with Amy during college (don’t get any crazy Snookin’ ideas, people… it was a mission trip).

Beth and I stayed in touch after the wedding weekend via Facebook and I soon discovered that she was quite the talented jewelry designer.  Her Lillian Ray designs are elegant and beautiful yet affordable.  I have quite a few of her pieces and was honored to be the very first Lillian Ray Bride.  Beth custom designed the delectably understated and elegant earrings and necklace that I wore on my big day:

I recommend you check out her Etsy shop right away(and tell her Sara sent you!).

But back to the story… Beth and Tim are now a family of 4!  They have a super cute pup named Sadie and they welcomed the adorable Adelyn Grace in November!

Beth, Addie, Tim & Sadie

Beth has always playfully hinted that we should come to out visit but, if I’m being honest, I never thought it would actually happen.  That is, until she commented on my vacation frustration post ( that one you were supposed to forget. remember?).

By the time this comment was posted yesterday afternoon, I was pretty fed up with travel planning.  I had looked at Geneva, Kalahari, New York, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Cape Cod and Mexico.  I was on the verge of booking the trip to Mexico because I just wanted to be done and after all the research I had done I felt like I deserved it.   I was appreciative of Beth’s suggestion but doubtful that I would be able to find a flight under $500 a person.  But to cover all my bases (and so I could tell Beth I tried), I checked the flights and I was SHOCKED.  I found a flight out of Akron/Canton for $300/person.  Though that was more than we were looking to spend going to New York, this was CALIFORNIA and Beth had offered for us to stay with them.

At this point, I frantically Facebook messaged Beth to see if she was serious because I did not want to miss this fare.  She was!  So, I went home with the plan to do more research on flights, rental cars and activities.  I started poking around travel websites and plugging in different date and airport combinations.  That is when I struck travel GOLD.  I found a rate flying from Pittsburgh to Orange County for $195/person ROUND TRIP!  JOY! RAPTURE! CREDIT CARD! Five minutes later I had booked a flight to California for less money than it would have cost to fly to NYC.  Within 3 hours, my mood and our travel plans had been turned on their head.

So, now the travel drama is over and I could not be happier with where we ended up.  With the savings on the flight and the fact that Beth and Tim have generously offered for us to stay with them, we’ll be able to do a lot more and still save $$.  We’ll be flying out on a Friday morning and coming back on a redeye Monday night. Right now we’re looking at a trip to Disneyland (Beth and Tim are season pass holders!), wine tasting in Temecula and, of course, no trip to Cali would be complete without In n’ Out Burger!

From Orange County/L.A.?  Been there?  Have suggestions of things we just have to do or see?  Let me know!!!

Days to Spring: 20   Days to Cali: 83 🙂


3 thoughts on “Vacation Jubilation!

  1. Beth says:

    yay!!! Thanks for the shout out too.

    This update got me even more excited about your visit.


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