Bed Beagle

In case you can’t read the many faces of my boisterous beagle (and if you can, come help me out!), here is what Henry is saying in this photo…

“Can I PLEASE sleep with you tonight?  I won’t hog the bed like last time.  Or scratch you like  I did the time before.  Or whine every time you enter my personal space. Or wake you up multiple times during the night because I’m moving around. This time will be different. I PROMISE.”

His cute beagle face makes me forget it all.  Until I wake up at 3 a.m. sleeping on the edge of the bed while he sleeps peacefully in my spot.  Then I remember.


One thought on “Bed Beagle

  1. Otto will curl up behind my knees and slowly spread out until my legs are out from under the covers and falling off the bed. Clair will just kick. But I still love them in our bed ; )

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