Jump Back Ballin’

First off I have to say…take this Sydney from The Daybook

I feel pretty! Oh, so pretty!

Am I jealous of her much? Ummm..yes.  That girl has crazy good style and if you don’t follow her (or simply want to get this reference)- you should.  Unless you want to feel totally inadequate about your wardrobe and style choices daily. 


Jump Back Ball (the Playhouse Square Partners Benefit Event) was Saturday night.  These aren’t your high school theatre nerd friends having a mixer where you talk about which of Sondheim’s works is his greatest (and it’s Into the Woods btw).  These theatre nerds KNOW HOW TO PARTY.  2 bands, a martini pouring ice sculpture and an unlimited supply of rum & cherry cokes? YES PLEASE!  

The theme of this year’s event (their 20th annual) was Passport to Party. It featured famous parties around the world. Dinner at Oktoberfest, Running of the Bulls, the Montreal Winter Festival and more! Enough with the chatting, I think the photos sum things up…

This is me taking the bull by the horns, literally.

Julie and me cheers-ing the Winter Festival snow man!

My super sexy date, Tracy Ann

OH! As if the night couldn’t get any better, The Websters were playing at The Blind Pig!  So the party continued with some AMAZING cover music and awesome friends…

The Websters rocking it out!

If I only had the energy (and the money) to party like this ALL THE TIME!


4 thoughts on “Jump Back Ballin’

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