Sister, Sister (Brother-in-law)

Admit it-if you are a female in your 20’s or early 30’s- you watched Sister, Sister.  Tia and Tamara Mowry are seperated at birth, adopted, then find each other and their respective families move in together.  Hilarity and ridiculous outfits ensue. 


That seemed like an appropriate precursor to today’s big news: it is all but official that my sister will be moving in with us in May.  Yup- we’re taking in a boarder! A roomate! A live-in Henry sitter!

Obviously, this is a big scary step for any married couple and it was not made lightly.  Chris and I spent a lot of time talking about this and we spent a lot of time talking to Tracy about it.  Right now it seems like it is the best option for everyone involved.

Tracy’s lease is up in May and her roomates are going their seperate ways (one to Chicago and the other home while she goes to law school).  She doesn’t want to move back in with my parents and she can’t move in with her boyfriend (yet).  There’s no lease so she can move out whenever she wants (or we deem neccesary for our sanity and relationships). She’ll be paying a very small amount in rent (utilities included because we’re nice lik that)  but that will make a huge difference for us. If she were to live with us for just 6 months- we’d save almost $2,000.  That’s a lot of money on a tight budget!

Other perks?  HER CLOSET! Tracy and I are close to the same size and have shared clothes for years.  Having her closet in the next room is a HUGE BONUS.  She’ll also be around to keep an eye on Henry when we take trips out of town.  Oh, and there is also the fact that she is my sister, best friend and generally fun to be around… and Chris likes her too. 🙂

So fingers crossed for a great experience for all involved… and let’s hope we are all still smiling at the end of this! 


2 thoughts on “Sister, Sister (Brother-in-law)

  1. Beth says:

    It sounds like it will be a fun adventure. :o)

    Your blog is so cute!

  2. […] will be our last foster dog before my sister’s move in (we’ll take a short break from fostering in May while we adjust to having another person […]

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