Foster Dog #9: Mighty Mouse

Welcome to a new recurring series about our short term house guests- our foster dogs through Secondhand Mutts.  If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll remember the story of how we got Henry, our fostering adventures and my new status as Secondhand Mutts board member.

In case it’s helpful, we’ll start out with a quick reminder of the first 8 foster dogs…

1.  Henry J. Puppypants 
2. Mustard/Paco 
3. Abraham Beagleman
4. Handsome Manny
5. Miss Hambone
6. Jenni Craig 
7. Rocket
8. Penny Lane

Our current foster dog is Mighty Mouse.

Affectionately known as Mouse, The Mouse and Mousers; Mighty Mouse is a 5 month old ball of puppy energy.  He is probably some kind of Shelti mix.  Mouse knows how to sit and is quickly learning to lay down, stay and shake. He is 90% housetrained and doing well with crate training. 

Mighty Mouse has found his voice and isn’t afraid to use it.  He would be a great guard dog- not so much that he would scare intruders away but he would definitely alert you to anyone’s presence.  I am currently working with him to curb some of the barking as he can get a little longwinded.

If you are interested in knowing more about Mighty Mouse, you can contact me or Secondhand Mutts!


2 thoughts on “Foster Dog #9: Mighty Mouse

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