Verizon could not have planned their release of the iPhone any better.  Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the iPhone is the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t know what to get their signficant other.  My husband is that someone and I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!

Chris got the iPhone a few months ago.  I was fascinated by it from the beginning but really fell in love on our New Years trip to D.C.  The apps kept me entertained in the car, I could check Facebook, IMDB (for the inevitable “Where do I know that actor from?”) and those Angry Birds are just irresistable!

So, when I woke up on Valentine’s Day to a pretty purple iPhone case wrapped in motorcycle magazine covers (yup, this is still Chris), I was 1. SHOCKED and 2. THRILLED.  I will be the first to admit that I don’t deserve it, don’t NEED it but I’LL TAKE IT!

Since the iPhone just came out for Verizon on Thursday, they were sold out when Chris tried to get me one but it was back in stock this week and he picked it up yesterday.  I could barely get the picture taken before I was ripping the plastic off the box and diving in…

From there it was a race to get the thing programmed.

Unfortunately, with the change of account from my parents family plan (yes, I was still on my parent’s cell phone plan! It was just so cheap!!)  to an individual plan I lost my online verizon account and all my phone numbers.  Since I wasn’t at Verizon when the phone was purchased I wasn’t able to have them all transfered automatically.  But after an hour of entering numbers (it was a good excuse to purge my phone book), I was downloading apps like it was my job.

I’m already playing Words with Friends with 6 people and I don’t even like Scrabble.  That’s what the iPhone does to you. It turns you into a technology crazed, scrabble playing, angry bird obsessed addict.  Thanks to my husband for feeding my addiction. 🙂


2 thoughts on “iValentine

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