S-Rad, Book Worm

I’m back!!! Much love to Lindsay for making my mouth water with that fantastic brownie recipe while I was away playing event planner.

Today, I came to accept that I am much too far behind on my RSS feed to truly catch up and I’m going to have to start from scratch.  So everything is now marked as read and I can focus on what is really important, dear reader…me, henry, chris, you!

I have a confession to make.  I am a book worm.  Always have been.  Always will be.  I was that kid that joined the summer reading club at the library while the cool kids were hanging out at the mall or um…wherever the cool kids hung out (I don’t know because I wasn’t invited).

Now a days my reading comes in fits and starts.  A house, husband, dog, Guitar Hero, job, friends, and quality telivision sometimes get in the way.  But I still find myself totally engulfed in a good book for hours on end from time to time.

Right now, my night table is brimming with good reads…

*Disclaimer- I  admit that I do not read anything of significance or value.  I like to escape signficance and value when I read. Mystery & Romance for me, please!*

Here is what we’ve got lined up…

1.  Dean Koontz- Watchers-  Thansks to Rachel Simmons for this one.  I actually already finished it and it was a page turner!!!

2. Mary Higgins Clark- Two Little Girls in Blue– borrowed from my mom.

3. J.D. Robb- Strangers in Death– Bought at Home Goods for $3!  I love J.D. Robb but all the titles end in “in death” so I sometimes have a hard time remembering which titles I’ve read and which I haven’t.  I need to start a list.

4. James Patterson- Sail–  Christmas present from B-Phelps.  I’ve only read one James Patterson book so far, but I liked it!

5. Stephen Colbert- I am America- and so can you!- Secret Santa present from my work exchange (Thanks perren!) I love The Colbert Report and cannot wait to read this.

So, anyone read any of these??? Thought?  Suggestions on books to add to my pile?


2 thoughts on “S-Rad, Book Worm

  1. chris says:

    I read most of Colbert’s book not that long after it came out. I bought it for Brian for Christmas, and read 6 or 7 chapters before I wrapped it.

    There is a fantastic chapter on guns, and another on the elderly; with the complimentary sections in large print. THE ELDERLY ARE AN ASSET TO OUR COUNTRY, AND WE SHOULD TREASURE THEM

  2. Rachel Simmons says:

    Yay! I got a shout out! That book is FABULOUS. I have a ton more of his too if you want to start a lil book exchange dealio. Media mail is the shizz! It could be our personal book club.

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