It’s a non-profit kind of week…

This week is INSANE!  I’ll be spending most of it running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to prepare my parts of the 2011 Near West Theatre Benefit ‘STREET BEAT’…

I’ll be organizing and packaging auction items, prepping registration, managing volunteers and creating signage like it’s my job (because it is!).  The event is Saturday night at Trinity Cathedral.  Thanks to all my amazing friends and family who are volunteering (Chris, Tracy, Julie, Luisa, Jason, Colleen and Carol!). 

But wait… there’s more!  Friday night is the Smooches & Pooches Bowl-a-thon to benefit Secondhand Mutts (did I mention I’m a board member?!).  I am terrible at bowling but I love it and, though this week may make me want to pull out my hair, I could not miss the opportunity to bowl in support of my favorite mutts!  Also, I’m super excited because my team rocks!  Can not wait to spend the night with Chris, Megan, Brian, Andrew and the fabulous Amy Husted of Like a string on a sweater…

So, unless you are incredibly slow on the uptake, you have probably realized that I am going to be pretty busy this week.  My blogging with be scarce.  I have one idea planned that I will try to knock out sometime this week….  BUT…

…drum roll please…

I am SO EXCITED to announce my first guest blogger!!!!  Yes, that is right, in my absence the fabulous Lindsay Phillips of Lindsay in Wonderland will be stopping in to entertain you.  DON”T MISS IT!


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