The groundhog gods have been kind!

Dear sweet, adorable creature of the ground named Punxsutawney Phil,

Thank you for answering my prayers. For the first time I can remember, you did the world a solid and did not see your shadow.   If groundhogs really can predict the weather, I’ll get my paintbrushes and lawn tools ready to go. BRING ON SPRING.

Hugs & Kisses,

DID YOU SEE THE NEWS ABOUT PHIL!?!?!  Probably not with the constant coverage of the monster snow storm that is crippling most of the country (ah, the irony)…  so let me fill you in! Neither Phil, nor his Ohio-born cousin Buckeye Chuck, saw their shadow this morning.  IT’S A SNOW DAY MIRACLE!!!  According to the coverage on News Channel 5, here in Cleveland, this was Phil’s 125th weather prediction (um, how old is this groundhog?!).  According to their article… “Before Wednesday, Phil had seen his shadow 98 times and hadn’t seen it 15 times since 1887.”

You might be saying… ‘that doesn’t add up to 125. ‘ I DON’T CARE!  Give us a break Mother Nature, the groundhog demands it!


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