My stamp of approval

If you read the post about my new years resolution, you know that I resolved to send more cards- specifically birthday cards.  So far the results of the resolution have been mixed.  I got 2 card out before I ran out of my supply of birthday cards so I didn’t  send one to my grandma for her birthday last Sunday.  Fail.  I also have a birthday coming up tomorrow for my brother-in-law in Seattle.  That will have to be a belated card (Sorry, Jacob). Fail again. 😦

Apparently a new year is not enough motivation for me.  Don’t worry, I plan for such things.  Young House Love, one of my favorite blogs, had a post a few weeks ago about Christmas gifts.   They just moved into a new house and in honor of that big step, someone got them a new return address stamper.  I know- “Stamper?  What kind of Christmas gift is that?”  I may have said that too…but you have to see these stampers!   They are by Three Designing Women and they are fabulous…

I wouldn’t lie to you would I?!?!  Now, I have to be honest: this not a cheap stamper. It’s about $40.  But is it not amazing and fabulous?  Origionally, I hinted to Chris that this one specifically might be a fantastic Valentine’s gift… 

But low and behold… that same day the popularity of Young House Love led to a limited time 15% off deal.  So, the idea of waiting and getting it as a gift went right out the window and I ORDERED IT!  It came 2 days ago and I cannot wait to use it.  I even put it on a work envelope so you could see how good it looks…

Hey Everybody, Come see how good I look!

So, friends and family- keep an eye out for cards with this fantastic return address stamp on them. Iteven  makes paying bills a little more fun!


2 thoughts on “My stamp of approval

  1. Lindsay says:

    I love the stamp! I will check my mail in September for it. Haha.

  2. jason says:

    re: getting cards…I shop monthly. every grocery store has a card aisle or two! It’s not the cheapest way, but bitrhrdays and V-day are covered for February.

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