S-Rad, Board Member

Doesn’t that sounds fancy!!??!!??  It feels fancy.  I was recently honored to become a member of the Board of Directors for Secondhand Mutts. 

If you are keeping up with this blog, you may have read about Secondhand Mutts in my entries about adopting Henry and our fostering of their adoptable dogs.

Secondhand Mutts is the amazing non-profit rescue arm of The Mutt Hutt, a fabulous doggie daycare in Tremont.  The dogs get to enjoy their cage-free facilities as they wait to find their forever home.  Because they share space with the doggie daycare, they can only take a few dogs at a time but that just means that those dogs that do make it into the program get extra love, attention and marketing in hopes of finding just the right family to take them home.  I work in non-profit so I know how hard it can be managing the unending work on a shoe-string budget.  Becca and her team manage to do it with grace, patience and flexibility.

I love volunteering at events, fostering (we have fostered 7 dogs in the last 15 months) and getting to help out such a worthy organization!  So, I was thrilled to be asked to apply for the board!  Now that I am a member I hope to help plan events, improve the foster program and do my best to spread the good word of RESPECT THE DOG.

Speaking of the good word… join me for Secondhand Mutt’s upcoming events: Scramble’s Memorial Pancake Barkfeast, Sunday January 23 & the Smooches & Pooches Bowl-a-thon, Friday, February 11


3 thoughts on “S-Rad, Board Member

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  2. […] 21 Feb Welcome to a new recurring series about our short term house guests- our foster dogs through Secondhand Mutts.  If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll remember the story of how we got Henry, our fostering adventures and my new status as Secondhand Mutts board member. […]

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