Taking the bus to Cbus!

Okay… I’m not really taking the bus- I’ll probably be driving the Altima… but I’m bringing the beagle!

I love road trips!

For those of you not hip to the lingo- Cbus = Columbus.  Home of The Ohio State University and that little school I went to… Capital University.

Go Crusaders!

…and Capital U. is where I met  the GDIs!  “GDI?”, you ask?  Yes.  It stands for God Damn Independents (or Gamma Delta Iota).  We decided we didn’t need to pay for friends (like those in sororities).  We formed our own sorority (or you might say that Animal House formed it but let’s just overlook that for the sake of this post).  These are the ladies that made my college experience the incredible time it was…

GDI love at Sarah's Bachelorette party 2008

…and Capital is also where I was lucky enough to land a job my senior year nannying for newborn twins, Gabe and Naomi, at the Adler household.  The twins, their older brother, Sam, and their parents, Dana & Brent, have become some of my favorite people.  Gabe and Naomi were the flower children and Sam was the ring bearer for our wedding…

The Adlers at our wedding.

So, now that you know the background, I will get back to the post at hand…

I don’t see these people nearly enough.  They are all in Columbus and  I am in Cleveland.  It makes me sad.  But this weekend Henry and I are headed down for a GDI reunion and play time with the Adler kids. 

Henry gets to meet Scarlet and Archie (Sarah’s dogs) and I get to play games, watch Friends and eat and drink lots with my favorite girls.  What could be better?  Well, add in a trip to see my favorite kids on Sunday and you’ve got an amazing weekend! 

Bye, bye Cleveland!  We’ll be back soon!


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