Blog buddies are the new pen pals

Just like gray is the new black and Ryan Reynolds is the new Brad Pitt (to me at least), I have come to the conclusion that blog buddies are the new pen pals.

Did you have a pen pal when you were a kid?  Chris and I did.  I met mine on our family trip to Virginia Beach.  I can’t remember her name…but I think I may still have some letters or postcards from her at my parent’s house.  Chris had an Amish pen pal named Brian Miller through school.

I totally understand why some people don’t get blogging.  Why share your personal life with the rest of the world?  Why would the rest of the world care?  Why do you care about the lives of people you don’t even know?  Since my interest in blogging has increased in the last few months, I’ve heard these things. I’ve probably thought them in the past myself.  My sister is totally confounded that I would spend 10 minutes of my life watching a video tour of Katie Bower from Bower Power‘s house.  A friend’s husband even called her “invasive”  while she was reading blogs sitting on the couch with him one night.

I think blog readers and writers just enjoy feeling connected.  The blogs I read often teach me something new. They make me want to be craftier, more organized and a better cook.  Don’t we all need something to motivate us? So, don’t hate- participate!

Below is a map of my RSS feed .  The number represents the location of the blogger.  I have more than 13 blogs on my RSS feed but these are the ones who list their location on their blog.  Many of these blogs are new to me (thanks to some excellent top 10 blogs of 2010 lists) but I am enjoying them so far!  If you are wondering- I know the first 5 on the list in real life. The rest of simply blog buddies!

As you can see, my RSS feed gets around…

1.  Like a String on a Sweater – Fairlawn, Ohio
2.  Lindsay In Wonderland– Alexandria, VA
3.  Leah- On Life – Millersburg, OH
4.  Home Sweet Home– Southern California
5.  Project Baby Blog– Charlotte, NC
6.  Bower Power– Atlanta, GA
7. Young House Love– Richmond, VA
8.  Freckles Chick– Boulder, CO
9.  All Things G & D– Madison, WI
11. Better Off Wed– Somewhere in Texas
11. Centsational Girl– Northern California
12. Chez Larrson– SWEDEN (that’s right I’m international!)
13. Remodelaholic– White Settlement, TX

Like magic, with a few click we have gone all across the country (and even across the pond to Sweden!).  If reading blogs strikes your fancy, try some of mine! If not, thanks for reading!

 I do often wonder who is reading this.  So if you have a second, dear reader- leave me a comment and let me know where you are reading from.  Maybe suggest one of your favorite blogs!  I can always use a few more good reads!


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