New Years 2011- Beer Olympics

Okay… it’s been 10 days.  It is time for the New Years DC trip post.  Since I have waited so long and I am feeling a little uninspired (not by the trip- the trip was awesome- probably one of the best we’ve had), I will sum up the 5 things to know about Beer Olympics in photos…

1…Adorable baby…

Jimmy makes me smile!

2… much man love…

It seems that Dane is the new JT for Chris’s bro-mance desires…
This picture wouldn’t be that bad if it weren’t for JT’s green tights & bootie shorts.

3… teams fighting for glory… 

2 guys, 2 girls, 4 cups (best team name ever!)Team SAHF

Team T******** C**** (Beery Olympics Champions)



Dane was so dedicated to his team that he tattooed ‘224Life’ on his arm.

5…million icings…

A sampling of the many icings that took place...

Thanks to Katie & Danny for hosting the events and Lindsay & JT for hosting Chris & me for the weekend.  It was a blast!

One thought on “New Years 2011- Beer Olympics

  1. […] believe me?  Check out my recap of our first 2 DC NYE trips and my review of last year’s beer Olympics.  This year we’re continues the beer Olympics tradition but going a little more old […]

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