I was framed!

I can’t tell you why, but our master bedroom got lost in the initial house painting and decorating frenzy.  We finally painted in November 2009 (a full year after we moved into the house).  Then, my  fabulous sister purchased  amazing wood blinds and built a headboard for us last Christmas.  Thank god she’s an Interior Designer (at Laura Gills Interior Design Co.). I would be lost without her.  So, this is where we were…

I knew that the wall behind our bed needed… something- especially before we had that headboard.  I would think about it occasionally but I have to be honest- I have a hard time spending my money on art.   I just feel like practically everything I see is really overpriced.  That is probably why we have lots of framed photos hanging in our house- a lot less $$ and a lot more personal.

However, a framed photo just wasn’t going to work over the bed.  Especially because it was such a LARGE space.  I found a few pieces that I liked but nothing fit.  I even pulled the trigger and bought a great framed sepia photo of the base of the Eiffel Tower at Old Time Pottery.  Too small. The huge headboard made the very large frame look comically small.  It is now on the wall next to our dresser.

So, on we went with the bare wall.  It was practically indecent (Get it? ‘bare’ wall??).  Finally, on our July trip to Charleston I found what  I was looking for at the open air City Market.  There was a vendor selling black and white 4×6 photos of elements from nature and architecture that look like letters.  I loved it!  But what to spell????  The letters weren’t expensive but the longer the word meant the more the bill.  So I went with something simple and personal- RADAK.  5 letters. boom. done. bag ’em.

I brought the letters home with big plans.  Big plans that never quite materialized.  Amazing how life gets in the way, isn’t it?  I was also a little worried that we were going to have another size problem.  My plan was for all the letters to be matted in 1 frame.  Well, it wasn’t looking like that one frame was going to be nearly big enough.  Luckily, Tracy the Interior Designer came to the rescue.  She said we should mat and frame each letter seperately and then hang them all.  I said “Great. That’s what I want for Christmas.”

Now the pressure was on her.  As usual, she delivered.  We returned from our trip to DC to find this…

Perfection.  Merry Christmas to me!  🙂


One thought on “I was framed!

  1. Lindsay says:

    reason #43 we need to live near each other: your sister is an interior designer and i’m not. 🙂

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