GPS: Bass Down Low

I like to think that I have good taste in music.  I enjoy an eclectic mix of old-school and new-school, popular and obscure.  But just like everybody else, I have my Guilty Pleasure Songs (GPS).  You know- those songs that you are a little bit embarrassed to admit you like.  Generally my GPS has a good beat and turns me into that obnoxious driver who dances in their car.  Don’t  judge me- whether you admit it or not, you do it too!

Today’s GPS: “Bass Down Low” by DEV featuring The Cataracs


8 thoughts on “GPS: Bass Down Low

  1. Rachel Simmons says:

    Love this song and totally thought of you when I heard it the first time! “Like a G6!”

  2. Awww and I love you! Thanks for commenting on my blog, Rach! I’m starting the book you loaned me tonight.

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