Who needs full words when numbers and abbreviations will do?

Tomorrow morning we pack up and hit the road to spent  New Years Eve in DC with some of our favorites! This trip has been in the works for months for a few reasons.  First, it’s an opportunity to make it a longer trip.  We’ll be able to spend 4 days without taking much time off work.  And with the 6 hour drive- we want all the time we can get.  Second,  it’s been 3 months since we have seen most of these people… and we love these people (and their dogs)! Last, and most importantly, we love New Years in DC.  I don’t know what makes it so great but I think the 2 years we have spent there have been my favorite New Years.

Sceptical?!  Well I have proof! 

Exhibit A: Near Years 2008, A Formal Affair

All class. All the time.

Nice face (and tan...) J.T.

Beer bong for the lady?

Exhibit B: New Years Eve 2010, PJ Party

This is pure drunken talent.

Victor and reigning Twister champion, Rachel Simmons

Peach Asti... yum.

I think I’ve proved my point.  (Jealous much?) Expect a similarly awesome  post when we return from New Years Eve 2011: Beer Olympics. 

PS. Happy New Year and STAY SAFE, people!


2 thoughts on “CLE 2 DC 4 NYE

  1. Lindsay says:

    holy crap i’m excited!!!

  2. […] we’re always guaranteed a good time!  Don’t believe me?  Check out my recap of our first 2 DC NYE trips and my review of last year’s beer Olympics.  This year we’re continues the beer […]

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