Henry- Dog of many nicknames

I’ve never considered myself a big nickname person.  Sure, I use other people’s nicknames (ie. C-rad, Russ O Bustamonte, Dave-O, Leather Coat Guy, etc) and I accept my own nicknames (ie. Hard-on and S-Rad) but I rarely am the one who coins someone’s nick name.  

However, for some reason that I cannot begin to explain, it is different with Henry.  From the moment I took him home from The Mutt Hutt (where he was called both Henryand Batman) that first day, I have been giving him nicknames. 

Here is the list to date as I remember it-

  • There are the dirivates of Henry —-Henry, Hank, Hank Deisel, Hankinator, Hankinstein, Hank-opotomous, H-diggity, H-dogg
  • The Puppypants saga—- Henry J. Puppypants, HJP, Puppypants, Pants, Mr. Pants, Pantster, Senior Pantelones, Monsier Pants
  • And the newest additions- Sir, Love, Lovebug, Bug, Boog, SuperBoog, Das Boog, Puppy Boog

"Another nickname? You can't be serious."

Lucky for me, it’s all in the tone and he’ll come no matter what name I use if I use the right tone of voice. 

I assume I nickname because I love him.  And for that reason, I fear for our future children.  Don’t blame me kid, I can’t help myself!!


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