It’s electric!

Who wouldn’t want to start their day with a hastily made video of the world’s favorite wedding line dance?

But seriously… I feel electric lately.  Electrically charged that is.  I can’t walk across my living room without picking up enough of a charge to shock myself on the light switch, my computer keyboard or my husband.  I straighten my hair and the static is ridiculous.  It’s kind of like this- except not as cute…

Yup...static hair is not nearly as cute on me.

I like to think it is some super power caused by the fact that I electricuted myself not once but THREE times on our Christmas lights.  Kinda like Spiderman being bit- the triple dose of electricity has made me – ELECTRICA, master of the electric current! …Ya, you’re right, that name is lame.  I’ll work on it.

Anyone else have this problem?  Suggestions?  The website that I got the picture of the adorable little girl from says you should keep a dryer sheet with you at all times and rub it on your hair to remove static.  …Because no one is going to look at you funny if you pull out a dryer sheet and start rubbing it on your head in the food court at the mall.

Let me know your methods for dealing with static.  Until then I’ll just have to settle for being the Bride of Frankenstein until the weather improves…

HELP...this will be Chris and me at his company Christmas party if I don't get this under control!


One thought on “It’s electric!

  1. Lindsay says:

    In a pinch, I put lotion on my hands and while they’re still “damp” run them through my hair. Avoid the roots so they don’t get greasy. I feel like getting shocked is punishment for being lazy and dragging my feet.

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